I have known Beverley since 2009 when I first started having my treatments.

I had been looking after my mother intensively before she died after the effects her paralysing stroke. Due to the responsibility and stress of that time my face aged drastically and I developed deep wrinkles on my forehead. This made me look constantly worried even when at times I was relaxed. Someone even compared me to an anxious Labrador.

I no longer wanted to be perceived in this way, as what was showing now on the

outside was no longer happening on the inside. I also work with the public and

manage staff, so I didn’t want to look unconfident when in fact I was feeling OK.

Beverley was very sympathetic and helpful and advised me on which procedure to undertake, which I have been having ever since.

I am 46 years old and have been told on many occasions that I look much younger. To be honest I feel younger too. When I look in the mirror, I don’t have any visible wrinkles in the area that I have treated. Whenever I see Beverley I feel instantly happier and rejuvenated. Beverley is very kind, friendly and professional. Nothing is ever too much trouble. I trust Beverley implicitly and would not dream of seeing anyone else. I hope Beverley keeps doing this for a very long time!

I am so grateful that I found Beverley and thanks to her I really do look ten years younger!

I had had Botox treatments with other practitioners’ but not until I started using Beverley did I have the confidence to try other treatments, such as fillers, lip enhancement and cheek fillers.

Her calm, professional manner and honest assessment, of what work I should have done, is reassuring and the results always look good!

I trust Beverley’s judgement and she has a steady hand and artistic eye when it comes to performing the treatments.

I would recommend Beverley unreservedly and look forward to using her services again in the near future.